News: Next T-Mobile myTouch Devices Coming From Huawei

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If you have been an Android fan since the start you know the myTouch brand. Comes to us from the same carrier that brought us the first Android device here in the US. The one and only T-Mobile! Since the myTouch was first released in 2009 it has seen a few variants. The original myTouch as well as the myTouch Slide, myTouch 4G and 4G Slide were made by HTC and were amazing devices. Magenta then went a different route and released the myTouch and myTouch Q by LG.

Now we have the latest myTouch set to come to us from Huawei. Here in the US their name isn’t as known as HTC or LG. They devices, U8680 and U8730, are the same except for the one with a physical keyboard. The only specs out as of now are that they will be running Gingerbread, no word on ICS, and have a WVGA 800 x 400 screen. All we can do here is wait and see how they turn out. I for one prefer HTC’s build quality to LG’s version of the myTouch. Never had a device made by Huawei so I hope to get my hands on one when released and give a test drive. Leave us your thoughts below guys. How do you feel about it?

Source: TmoNews

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