Rumor: Amazon to Update 7-inch Kindle Fire, Launch 9-inch Model in mid-2012

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Chad Bartley, a Pacific Crest analyst, raised his full-year Kindle Fire shipment forecast to 14.9 million units, up from earlier estimates of 12.7 million. on Thursday. “We believe there is an upward bias, particularly from the new 7- and 9-inch models, which we expect to launch in mid-2012,” Bartley wrote in a letter to clients.

Last year, BGR reported Amazon was working on two tablets would be launched by Jeff Bezos and company. One being the “Coyote” which launched as the Fire and the other being the “Hollywood,” a 10-inch device that, according to reports, was pushed back so the company could work on an 8.9-inch model.

[Source: BGR]

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