News: Apple Files for Preliminary Injunction Against Galaxy Nexus in United States

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Last night, we reported Apple had filed a lawsuit against Samsung over their autocorrect system. According to FOSS Patents, they also have filed a for a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus this week in the United States. They want the Nexus to be removed from U.S store shelved while Google and them duke it out in court.

One of the four patents in question is the one that Apple won a decision against HTC with a few months ago and three new patents that were recently issued to the Cupertino based company. The three new patents cover unified search systems and Apple’s Siri virtual assistant, Apple’s slide-to-unlock feature, and autocomplete features in touchscreen text entry. Two of those patents are the same ones mentioned by Apple in their most recent suit against Samsung.

Unlike many of Apple’s law suits, this suit could directly impact Android, as the Galaxy Nexus is the only device available with pure Ice Cream Sandwich, and should Apple’s preliminary injunction request be granted, you will not be able to officially buy the device in America.

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